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1ATF – Infantryman
Early Vietnam Conflict

Typical of 1st Australian Task Force infantryman and RAAF Airfield Defence Guards Circa 1966. This figurine wears rain-soaked early pattern ‘greens’ and US made M56 basic webbing supplemented by Pattern 44 basic pouches. His L1A1 SLR Rifle features early fore-wood and wooden carry handle, and was standard issue to riflemen. 1ATF/RAR members and RAAF ADGs wore variations on this typical theme during the 1965-67 period. $179.00 plus Postage.

RAR – Infantryman
Late Vietnam Conflict 1969-70

This figurine portrays a RAR or ANZAC Battalion infantryman or RAAF ADG, late Vietnam Conflict period, on patrol wearing late issue ‘pixie’ style greens and Australian-made M56 equipment. His customized load includes an ARVN pack, collapsible water bladder, extra water bottles and E-tool. He is armed with a Lithgow SAF L1A1 rifle and carries it pointed to the ground to reduce the risk of being silhouetted. His face shows the strain and intensity of patrol work. Pack art features imagery from AWM Archives. $179.00 plus postage.

RAAF Helicopter Crewman/Gunner
Late Vietnam Confict

This cold cast bronze figurine wears gear representative of a helicopter crewman/gunner, late Vietnam Conflict. He wears the lightweight one-piece flight suit, nomex gloves, ‘chicken plate’ ballistic armour, a mesh survival vest and AFH-1 flight helmet. His sidearm is the Browning 9mm automatic commonly carried by RAAF aircrew. $179.00 plus postage.