We’ve had a few phone calls from members lately asking why their names don’t appear on the list of current Association Life Members, which was sent out with the 2017 annual general meeting papers.

The Association’s Constitution allows for  several classes of Membership:

Honorary Members
Associate Members
Ordinary Full Members
Members for Life
Honorary Life Members and
Life Members.

The first three classes need no explanation.

Members for Life are Association members who have paid the required fee and been accepted at an AGM into that class of Membership. Effectively those members have paid their membership fees in advance for the remainder of their lives and are no longer required to make any further membership fee payments. Any Ordinary Full Member may apply for Membership for Life.

Life Member is any current member who, having met the objects of the Association and having rendered exceptional and meritorious service to the Association and its members has been nominated and accepted as a Life Member by the Executive Committee. Life Membership is the highest honour currently available to the Executive Committee for that service. The award is only made by the Committee and while we encourage members to let us know of anyone they believe is worthy, the final decision can only be made by the Committee and announced at an annual general meeting – Association members are not able to nominate themselves or any other member.

The Association currently has seven Life Members

Honorary Life Membership is generally granted to the next of kin of a deceased member or to a World War 2 member, in recognition of their service or their loss.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion but please feel free to contact us if you need more information.