G’day All, Spike Dainer here wearing my Assn National Secretary hat, to bring you all up to date following yesterday’s first Assn Board meeting for 2018.

Where’s My Copy of the Blue Beret?

There was a lot on the agenda yesterday, which we hope will be disseminated widely via the Blue Beret shortly, however, as many of you are already aware, have been unable to publish the Blue Beret for some time now due to firstly, some serious health issues for the key people in the process and secondly, some web technical problems that we are struggling to get on top of. All financial members are entitled to regular updates from your committee as to what the Assn Executive is up to, but we would ask for your patience while we sort this major gherkin out. Meanwhile, here’s a couple of items from yesterday’s meeting that need to get out quickly.

Assn Awards Presentation.

The Assn is proud to announce that the 2017 Air Marshal S.D. Evans/Airfield Defence Association Trophy for Outstanding Leadership and Operational Performance has been awarded to CPL Noel Klaen for his service during his posting to No 1 Security Force Squadron (1SECFORSQN). Noel will be presented with his award by our Assn Patron, Air Marshal David Evans at a dinner to be held in Canberra in late March. Due to the tight timelines, details of the dinner, which will be open for both Assn and currently serving members to attend, will be circulated via the Assn web site and various Facebook pages.

Anzac Day Brisbane.

The after march fellowship this year will be held at the Down Under Bar, (formerly the Peoples Palace , corner Anne and Edward St Bris opposite Central Railway Station). Usual $5.00 cover charge will apply to cover the cost of nibbles, and drinks will be available at competiitve prices. All welcome.

Assn 30th Anniversary Reunion.

The survey we sent out to all financial members regarding preferences for a location/event to mark the 30th anniversary of the Assns formation, was a bit of a fizzer with little meaningful response. (Thanks to those who did respond). An earlier proposal for 7 day “Country Music” cruise around the Pacific has also drawn a very cool response. Moreover, we understand that sufficient cabins would be not available should a swag of Assn members suddenly decide to join the cruise. Accordingly, yesterday the Committee proposed that we will hold the reunion to mark the 30th anniversary of the Association “Back to Where it Started” – in Sydney in October this year. In addition to going back to “Where It Started” Sydney provides a centralised location to travel to that perhaps make the event more attractive to those who think the Association is a bit Brisbane centric. Your committee is keen to hear feedback on this proposal, and if supported get planning underway. So let us know what you think.

That’s it for now

Regards to All,

National Secretary
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